Live and recorded streaming of Holy Mass

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    Please click on the link and I will be able to admit you to the Service/Devotion.
    May this holy Season of Lent bring you closer to the Lord and his love for you.
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    Click Here ✠ Monday 22nd February 9.30am STREAMED HOLY MASS
    Click Here ✠ Tuesday 23rd February 7.00pm STREAMED HOLY MASS
    Click Here ✠ Wednesday 24th February 9.30am STREAMED HOLY MASS
    Click Here ✠ Thursday 25th February 9.30am STREAMED HOLY MASS
    Click Here ✠ Friday 26th February 9.30am STREAMED HOLY MASS
    Click Here ✠ Saturday 27th February 6.00pm STREAMED HOLY MASS (Vigil holy Mass)
    Click Here ✠ Sunday 28th February 8.00am STREAMED HOLY MASS
    Click Here ✠ Sunday 28th February 10.30am STREAMED HOLY MASS

Recorded streamings:

To watch, click on the link below
⊠ Sunday 21st February 10.30am
⊠ Sunday 21st February 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 20th February 6.00pm
⊠ Friday 19th February 9.30am
⊠ Thursday 18th February 9.30am
⊠ Wednesday 17th February 12noon (ASH WEDNESDAY)
⊠ Wednesday 17th February 9.30am (ASH WEDNESDAY)
⊠ Tuesday 16th February 7.00pm
⊠ Monday 15th February 9.30am
⊠ Sunday 14th February 10.30am
⊠ Sunday 14th February 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 13th February 6.00pm
⊠ Friday 12th February 9.30am
⊠ Thursday 11th February 9.30am
⊠ Wednesday 10th February 9.30am
⊠ Tuesday 9th February 7.00pm
⊠ Monday 8th February 9.30am
⊠ Sunday 7th February 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 6th February 6.00pm
⊠ Friday 5th February 9.30am
⊠ Thursday 4th February 9.30am
⊠ Wednesday 3rd February 9.30am
⊠ Tuesday 2nd February 7.00pm
⊠ Sunday 31st January 10.30am
⊠ Sunday 31st January 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 30th January 6.00pm
⊠ Friday 29th January 9.30am
⊠ Thursday 28th January 9.30am
⊠ Wednesday 27th January 9.30am
⊠ Tuesday 26th January 7.00pm
⊠ Monday 25h January 9.30am
⊠ Sunday 24th January 10.30am
⊠ Sunday 24th January 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 23rd January 6.00pm
⊠ Friday 22nd January 9.30am
⊠ Thursday 21th January 12.30pm (Funeral holy Mass for Jean Ritchie)
⊠ Wednesday 20th January 9.30am
⊠ Tuesday 19th January 7.00pm
⊠ Monday 18th January 9.30am
⊠ Sunday 17th January 10.30am
⊠ Sunday 17th January 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 16th January 6.00pm
⊠ Friday 15th January 9.30am
⊠ Thursday 14th January 9.30am
⊠ Wednesday 13th January 9.30am
⊠ Tuesday 12th January 7.00pm
⊠ Sunday 10th January 10.30am
⊠ Sunday 10th January 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 9th January 6.00pm
⊠ Friday 8th January 9.30am
⊠ Sunday 3rd January 10.30am
⊠ Sunday 3rd January 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 2nd January 6.00pm
⊠ Friday 1st January 12midday
⊠ Thursday 31st December 9.30am
⊠ Wednesday 30th December 9.30am
⊠ Tuesday 29th December 7.00pm
⊠ Sunday 27th December 10.30am
⊠ Sunday 27th December 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 26th December 6.00pm
⊠ Saturday 26th December 9.30am
⊠ Friday 25th December 11.00am (FOURTH HOLY MASS OF CHRISTMAS)
⊠ Friday 25th December 9.00am (THIRD HOLY MASS OF CHRISTMAS)
⊠ Thursday 24th December midnight (SECOND HOLY MASS OF CHRISTMAS)
⊠ Thursday 24th December 6.00pm (FIRST HOLY MASS OF CHRISTMAS)
⊠ Wednesday 23rd December 9.30am
⊠ Tuesday 22nd December 7.00pm
⊠ Sunday 20th December 10.30am
⊠ Sunday 20th December 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 19th December 6.00pm
⊠ Friday 18th December 12noon (Funeral holy Mass for Patrick Byrne)
⊠ Thursday 17th December 9.30am
⊠ Wednesday 16th December 9.30am
⊠ Tuesday 15th December 7.00pm
⊠ Sunday 13th December 10.30am
⊠ Sunday 13th December 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 12th December 6.00pm
⊠ Friday 11th December 10.00am (Funeral holy Mass for Mary Williams)
⊠ Thursday 10th December 9.30am
⊠ Wednesday 9th December 9.30am
⊠ Tuesday 8th December 7.00pm
⊠ Sunday 6th December 10.30am
⊠ Sunday 6th December 8.00am
⊠ Saturday 5th December 6.00pm
⊠ Saturday 5th December 9.30am
⊠ Friday 4th December 9.30am
⊠ Thursday 3rd December 9.30am
⊠ Wednesday 2nd December 9.30am
⊠ Tuesday 1st December 9.30am