As a Catholic Faith community, we are committed to following the Gospel preached by Jesus Christ. He came to free us from Sin and Death. He sends us his Holy Spirit so that we have the gifts we need to live our Faith.

    To give structure to our parish life, we have identified a number of ‘Pastoral Areas’ that we believe characterise a Christian Faith community. Each of these ‘Areas’ is listed below with a short description of its purpose and activities. Please come and join us in one or more of these ‘Areas.’


  • The way we celebrate the holy Mass which is the source and summit of our Christian lives. This ‘Area’ encompasses, for example, Lectors (Readers), Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Altar Servers, Choir and Musicians, Church Cleaners, Ushers, Welcomers.


  • Our efforts to build a more just and peaceful world. This ‘Area’ is all we do, for example, to promote Fair Trade, to support a local Food-bank, to care for Homeless People, to protect the Environment, to support the families of people held in prisons, to build links with a poor community in Ecuador.

    ♰ The Plight of the People of Yemen

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    Yemen Mail list
    Yemen Letter


  • All we can do to join with our fellow Christians of other Christian Churches, in building together God’s kingdom in this world. Also, to discover the wisdom and truths of other Faiths like Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism.


  • Our work to help Children, Young People and Adults to grow in their Faith in the Lord. We have many different types of meetings and groups, all designed to help people to discover the Lord’s great saving love for us all and his plan for each of us.


  • To share our Faith with others who do not yet know Jesus Christ. How we do this, in many and varied ways, is the aim of this ‘Area’.


  • To draw attention to the central importance of a real, living relationship with Jesus which brings Joy and Peace into our lives. We promote Prayer in all its forms and especially Eucharistic Devotion and a love for the Word of God.


  • All we can do to help and support our young and not so young friends.


  • We want to play together as well as to pray together! We organise many different kinds of events that enable us to enjoy each other’s company.


  • The practical side of parish life! This involves everything from Finances to the upkeep of our church, hall and presbytery.


  • To encourage parish groups, like the ‘Co-Workers of Mother Teresa.’