What are the 7 Catholic Sacraments ?

  • There are 7 Sacraments celebrated in the Catholic Church.

    Each one has a visible rite, an outward sign of God’s activity in the heart and mind of those who celebrate them with the right dispositions.


  • The moment when we are 'born again.' In Baptism we begin to share in the new, risen life of Jesus.
    We are united with Jesus and become members of his body, the Church.

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  • In the Eucharist (holy Mass) God's life in us is nourished. We receive spiritual food for the journey of life.
    The Lord himself is made wonderfully present and the holy Mass draws people into an intimate union with God.

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  • A continuance of what began at Baptism - a developing awareness of God's loving presence in our lives.
    Gifts of Wisdom, Courage and Power are given to us by the Holy Spirit of God that we might become ambassadors for God in the world.

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  • A sealing of authentic love between a man and a woman which reflects God's love for us.
    God strengthens and sustains people as they enter into a loving bond with God and with each other.

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  • When we are unwell or elderly, we often feel alone and frightened. Things which seemed important often matter much less.
    God comes to be with us in our struggles, loving and comforting us and promising eternal life.

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  • The Lord forgives our sins and gives us his peace, when we truly express our sorrow and regret and wish to change.

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  • The character of Jesus is given in a special way to those called by God to be Bishops, Priests, Deacons.
    The Priest acts in the person of Jesus by teaching and explaining, by blessing and consecrating and by leading the communities of Faith, like Jesus the Good Shepherd.

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