• 21st February 2021

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    This pandemic has resulted in a great sense of isolation and loneliness for many. In a world which is often turned in on itself, Anxiety and Stress take hold of us. Into this world, comes Jesus with his free gift of God’s saving love. In the midst of a frenzied quest for the hoarding of vaccines, we need to pursue a slower path that looks for genuine healing for all. We must be small in our own eyes, simple and vulnerable, yet profound, in how we live. Then we will begin to understand more fully and to live the mystery of being truly human and truly alive. We are called, as Christians, to live in a totally new way. For this to happen, we must undergo a period in the desert, leaving behind what dulls our awareness. This is Lent.

    Fr Malachy
    Your brother, your friend, your priest


    Please read the attached document It is a blue-print for how our parish and all Catholic parishes throughout the world will develop. This is the direction of travel for parish life. The Holy Spirit of God is calling us to renew and reform our parish structures and for every one of us to be filled with a new, missionary zeal to share the Lord’s love and truth. We are all asked by the Lord to be his Missionary Disciples. Please say ‘yes’, as did Our Lady who encourages us to follow her example.

    Please let me have any thoughts or comments you might have on the document and how we can apply it to our parish.

    Click here to read the document


    It is proving difficult for parishioners to drop their weekly contributions through the presbytery letter box because of the restrictions caused by the limited opportunities we have for being out of our homes. May I suggest a better way of ensuring that you can continue to support your parish.

    Please would you create a Banker’s Standing Order in favour of our parish. It is easy to arrange. You simply fill in a Banker’s Order form and return it completed to your bank.
    If you use NatWest bank, you can download the NatWest Banker’s Standing Order form and send to your bank, click here to download the Banker’s Standing Order form.

    If you use a different Bank, like Barclays for instance, please could you obtain a Standing Order form from your bank. Just complete it and send back to your bank. The information needed to fill in a Standing Order form is:

       ⊠ Name: NatWest Bank
       ⊠ Name of Account: RCAS - RE SANDERSTEAD PARISH
       ⊠ Account No: 34771271
       ⊠ Branch Sort Code: 55-70-30

    If you bank on line, you can simply arrange on line a Standing Order. Thank you everybody for considering our parish finances in such a difficult moment.

    If you already have a ‘Gift Aid’ arrangement in favour of our parish and are now arranging a Banker’s Order in favour of the parish, please give the bank your envelope number as a reference.